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The Border Collie has been published as the smartest dog. This fact is well known by many people you meet when walking your Border Collie because of the media spreading this idea. Intelligence is certainly something you will see in this dog. They are constantly watching and analyzing their surroundings and are often very calculated []. Border Collie – the most intelligent dog. People fall in love with it right away. Its energy, charm, and impressive intelligence make Border Collie an exceptional, but at the same time – despite appearances – very demanding dog.

Border Collie Temperament. Dog enthusiasts consider the Border Collie as one of the most intelligent breeds, but this doesn’t mean a minimal need for training. These dogs are strong-willed and easily bored. They observe and analyze everything they encounter, are incredibly reactive to sound and movement, and have a strong herding instinct. 10/04/2017 · Border Collie working dog Documentary Most inteligent dog for rescure, hearding, competition show, police. The documentary about their Temparement, Origin, Overview and trainning tips, Border Collie may be. The Smartest Dog in the World. A Border Collie is the smartest dog in the world amongst all dog breeds; Occupying the first position in Stanley Coren’s ranking, a psychology professor. Because they are such intelligent dogs, they can be the most obedient dogs during their learning process, with a longer attention span, agile and restless. 21/07/2017 · They are often cited as the most intelligent of all domestic dogs.Border Collies continue to be employed in their traditional work of herding livestock throughout the world. They are the premiere herder of any livestock but were developed primarily on sheep. The Border Collie is also considered by most experts to be the most intelligent dog. 12/05/2014 · When it comes to working dog breeds there are few dogs that are as driven as the border collie. This intelligent breed, a herder by nature, originates from Scotland and England and is recognized for its incredible work ethic. We will detail some of the most characteristic features of this breed as well as the history of this diligent working dog.

07/08/2017 · The 'Turtle' is a great intelligent pet game for dogs of all ages. Recommended for all sizes, it'll strenghten the pets fine motoric & cognitiv skills as well as its self esteem, and furthermore give an output to the pets natural. As with the Border Collie, Golden Retriever’s are also very obedient during this training and respond best to positivity. For the most part, they are known as family pets, rescue dogs and commonly uses as service dogs for the disabled. Needless to say, only the most intelligent dogs in. Redenbach doesn't like categorizing dogs as smart or dumb; she says that's too simplistic. Like Yin, she says positive and consistent training will make a good dog. "The number of intelligent dogs I have met has been on the increase over the years because the better trainer I become, the smarter I see they are," Redenbach says. 21/10/2010 · A border collie is a very smart dog and quick on the uptake too. A smart dog can sometimes outwit its owner, well you just have to take responsibility for having one and train him consistently. A well-trained dog can surely reward you in the future. Intelligent dogs can follow most of your instructions and routines which can be a very good.

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