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Burning your bait will create a subsurface action that will drive fish wild. While counting down the Bull Shad to the desired swimming depth and imparting a slow, steady retrieve is a good way to keep your lure deeper in the strike zone. Another Baby Bull Shad bonus is its ability to produce more bites when compared to the larger sized swimbaits. Introducing Bull Shad Swimbait's 2Knocker bait. Impressions: Bull Shad Swimbaits's 2Knocker Swimbait is a six inch, four piece bait patterned after their original Bull Shad we reviewed back in 2010. It is a limited edition bait and not part of their normal production run, so there's no telling if more will be made once the current supply runs out. -If the tail fibers of your Bull Shad get warped or "bed head" all you have to do is put a cup of water in a microwave and heat the water to a boil. Then dip your fiber tail into the water for 2 seconds and the tail will reset itself just like brand new. The tail of this bait will not pull out as it is molded inside of the bait.

Impressions: Triton Mike makes no bones about it, by choice he’s a fisherman not a bait maker, so do not expect a highly refined, exquisitely detailed, finely finished bait that will swim out of its packaging to wow you with its realism. In fact, while the Bull Shad is quite the contrary it is exquisite in its own right. Catchco did a mini documentary on Bull Shad. You'll see some behind the scenes and learn a little more about us. This is the trailer video. The full video I believe will be released tonite at. Now you can get your hands on the infamous bass catching action and lifelike Bull Shad characteristics at an amazing price! Perfect for seasoned swimbait anglers, weekend anglers, and anglers wanting to experience the Bull Shad performance! The 3.75" Baby Bull Shad proves that sometimes big things truly do come in small packages.

Bull Shad Swimbaits enters the rat race with their Bull Rat. Typical of what we've come to expect from Bull Shad Swimbaits, the Bull Rat is rather nondescript. It measures just under five inches in length, consists of three pieces and a long, soft plastic tail that almost looks like a six inch Senko. bull shad fishing lure; Browse our posts that related to: bull shad fishing lure - Bellow. ICAST 2019 New fishing tackle for 2020. By admin Posted on July 11, 2019. Bull Shad Swimbaits, Atlanta, GA. 15K likes. "Triton" Mike Bucca's Baby Bull Shad In collaboration with Catch Co. The Baby Bull Shad is a collaboration with the legendary Mike Bucca, creator of the original Bull Shad Swimbaits. The Bull Shad is a heavy duty, trophy hunting swimbait responsible for catches on some of the biggest bass in the world. Mike Bucca’s "Bull Shad" Swimbaits have been designed to accurately mimic the different varieties of shad and baitfish that trophy fish crave. There is no denying the big trout-style swimbaits of the West Coast are proven to attract trophy bass, but big shad and their cousins are.

Enter Mike Bucca and his “Bull Shad” - a three-joint, four-piece, hard resin shad imitation swimbait. The poster child for rugged-simplicity, the Bull Shad offers little to aesthetically-demanding bait collectors, focusing instead on high-quality components and functionality. Presenting Bull Shad Swimbaits' homage to an iconic lure, the former Ichiban Minnow/Balsa Pro is back as the Balsa Bull! Well, search no more. Thanks to Bull Shad Swimbaits, this bait is back, readily available and from what we understand, is as close to the original as it gets. Now attacking the top of the water column with a serious amount of disturbance is the Triton Mike Bucca Bull Shad Wakebait. It features a sturdy, double-jointed construction with an enlarged lip, which delivers a very distinctive waking action across the surface that draws in predators in from great distances. 6"/68g Shad Swimbait Multi-Jointed 6-segement Fishing Lure Slow Sinking Hair Tail Crankbait Hard Bait Fish with Treble Hook Tackle for Bass Trout Perch. The Bull Shad falls at a medium rate and swims in a very tight s-pattern. The Bull Shad swims with a predictable snake like pattern that is tight and true at just about any speed save a super fast burn where it will come to the surface and skate on its side. At more realistic and fishing speeds, it is very enticing.

Mike Bucca's Baby Bull Shad - Catch Co.

The Bull Shad features only top-of-the-line components, including Black Chrome Owner Hooks and Owner Hyper Wire Split Rings. Complete with 3D eyes and premium resins used in the construction process, the Bull Shad also has two built in hook hangers. Today we bring you the Balsa Bull – the answer to the mysterious Balsa Pro. The Balsa Bull was painstakingly reverse engineered from the Balsa Pro utilizing a few of the remaining originals. X-ray investigation methods, 3D scanning and other engineering analysis methods were used to make the Balsa Bull an exact replica of the original Balsa Pro.

Home / Brands / Bull Shad Swimbaits / Bull Shad Swimbaits. Bull Shad Swimbaits Follow This Category. Triton Mike Bucca Bull Herring Swimbait. $57.49 3 Colors. Triton Mike Bucca Bull Rat Swimbait. Creme Lures; Culprit; D&M Custom Baits; Defiant Lures; Deps Fishing Lures; Duo Realis; Eco Pro Tungsten; Evergreen International; Fish Arrow. Check out the action of our new Bull Rat crawling over logs. Now available at participating dealers and on our websitebullrat bullshad. 16/09/2011 · But Batey's custom version of the bull shad has a nice smooth glossy finish, translucent purple sheen that shows on the back and sides of the bait and of course a kill spot and blood from the gills. Apparently the bass find a big shad in this condition a filet mignon of easy meals. bull shad swimbait; Browse our posts that related to: bull shad swimbaits - bull shad swimbait catch co - bull shad swimbaits lures - bull shad swimbait review - bull shad swimbaits for sale - bull shad swimbaits llc - bull shad swimbait video - bull shad swimbait bucca - baby bull shad swimbait - bull wake shad swimbait - Bellow. "Triton" Mike Bucca's Bull Shad swimbait has become world renown for catching trophy bass. Whether you are targeting Largemouth, Smallmouth, Spotted, Striped, or whatever else, these swimbaits will entice the big ones to bite!

Bull Shad vs. BD Shad. I’ll give the Bull Shad the thumbs up for the lure being made in the U.S. not in China to increase the bottom line. There is quite a difference in the price of these two swimbaits. The price was obtained from Tackle Warehoue and there could be lower and higher prices out there if you search around for them. Free Shipping on orders over $100. Cart. Bull Minnow - 7 Pack.

Triton Mike Bull Shad Swimbait Review

bull shad fishing lure. bull shad wake bait. bull shad for sale.. bull shad swimbait reviews. bull shad swimbait weights. bull shad swimbaits 6 inch. bull shad swimbait for sale. bull shad swimbaits for sale. bull shad swimbaits official site. Search Results related to. : bull shad swimbait. Skip to main content. 6"/68g Shad Swimbait Multi-Jointed 6-segement Fishing Lure Slow Sinking Hair Tail Crankbait Hard Bait Fish with Treble Hook Tackle for Bass Trout Perch. 3.6 out of 5 stars 18. $9.99 $ 9. 99. 8% coupon applied. Save 8% with coupon.

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